Riding/Reading is Fundamental

The City After The Automobile
by Moshe Safdie with Wendy Kohn
New Republic Book/Basic Books a division
of Harper Collins Publishers

The Geography of Nowhere/ The Rise And
Decline of America's Man Made Landscape
by James Howard Kunstler
Simon & Schuster

Asphalt Nation/ How The Automobile Took
Over America And How We Can Take It
Back by Jane Holtze Kay

Uneasy Rider/ The Interstate Way Of
by Mike Bryan

Sustainability And Cities/ Overcoming
Automobile Dependence
by Peter Newman & Jeffery Kenworthy
Island Press
  Getting There/ The Epic Struggle Between
Road And Rail In The American Century
by Stephen B.Goddard
University of Chicago Press

Beyond The Car/ Essays On The Auto
by Sue Zielinski & Gorden Laird, Editors
Steel Rail Press

Killed By Automobile/ Death In The Streets
Of New York City
by Charles Komanoff & and members of
Right Of Way

Frontiers Of Sustainability/ Enviromentally
Sound Agriculture, Forestry, Transportation,
And Power Production
by Roger, Daryl Ditz, Paul Faeth, Nels
Johnson, Keith Kozloff and James
Island Press

  An Empire Wilderness/ Travels Into
America's Future
by Robert D.Kaplan
Random House

Fortress America/ Gated Communities In The
United States
by Edward J.Blakely & Mary Gail Snyder
Brookings Institution Press

Americans On The Road/ From Autocamp To
Motel 1910-1945
by Warren James Belasco
Johns Hopkins University Press

American Autobahn/ The Road To An
Interstate Freeway With No Speedlimit
by Mark Rask
Vanguard Non-Fiction Books

Divided Highways/ Building The Interstate
Highways, Transforming American Life
by Tom Lewis
Viking Press