Issue 4


More Than Equal Rights

Transportation planners and the public at large understand motorcycles as thin, unstable cars. And toys. Everyone grew up absorbing well crafted educational campaigns about how motorcycles have equal road rights. And we learned how light rail, bicycle and pedestrian travel is separate from automobile transportation and worthy of special paths, laws, taxes, funding and other accommodations.



Interesting (?) Commuting Statistics

These statitistics are sourced from the 2000 U.S. Census.

Cut It Out!

(And copy several of these to explain what's up with Riding to Work.)

What Can I Do To Help?

Ride to Work Day 2003 is Wednesday, July 16th

Thank you all for your messages, kind comments and questions about how to increase Ride to Work awareness in your area. The best way to help is by continuing to ride to work yourself. Everyone seeing you riding for transportation learns that motorcycling has everyday transportation applications and advantages.

In the News

The American Motorcyclist Association and the Ride For Kids foundation have both endorsed Ride To Work Day. Many thanks to these two worthwhile entities.

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