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Motorcycles Excepted

Monkey wrenching bicycle rights advocates in Melbourne, Australia have been amending a wide range of parking and traffic control signs with stickers reading �Bicycles Excepted�. The principle of having formal parking and traffic regulation incentives to help increase desirable transportation bicycling (or motorcycling) is valid...even if these ecotactics aren�t.


Rights, Society, and Social Good
Rick Gray wrote:

A Tale of Three Cities, Act One

To: Sacramento City Council
From: Chip Powell
Subject: Motorcycle Parking Solutions

A Tale of Three Cities, Act Two

Reprinted from City Bike, "news, clues & rumors"; March 2002 <www. citybike. com>

Just kidding. But motorcycling just got more expensive for San Franciscans. On the first of the year, tickets for parking on the sidewalk went up from $25 to $50. As any long-time San Franciscan knows, increases in parking fines are always followed by vicious enforcement.

A Tale of Three Cities, Act Three

From: Keith Higgins <
To: "Parking" <

Keith Higgins wrote:
Dear Mayor Rybak, Metropolitan Council, and Metro Commuter Services, While I applaud your decision to enforce the 2-person per car pool rule and lower car pool parking rates to $20.00 per month in city garages in Minneapolis, I would like to point out that if one chooses to ride a motorcy-cle to work in Minneapolis, in an average 22-day working month, one would pay $88.00 for parking with the city and you don't get to park in the ramp, but beneath it. Weather permitting, I ride to work in Minneapolis every day, as do many other people I know who work in the city.

Letters About Parking

Letter from Jeff Lee
Subject: Daily Rider #3

I don't see how motorcycles can ever be allowed to legally park on any side-walks. Either it's a parking spot or it's a walkway. Official approval from the law is not likely or necessary. If motorcycles are unofficially allowed to park on the sidewalk because it is not causing any problems and the law is not being enforced, we should just leave it at that and just try to be considerate of oth-ers when we park on the sidewalk.

Poaching Parking

Specialized license plates provide privileges or reflect other kinds of vehicle status. Truck or commercial plates allow parking in loading zones. Historic or collector plates provide reduced registration fees. 'Handicap' tags allow the disabled more convenient parking. Motorcycle plates allow... uh... confer... uh... uh... hmmm... uh... what? Motorcycleness? Suppose motorcycle license plates offered actual benefits or incentives. One possibility (of many... ) would be less expensive or better parking.