Commuting riders should have available emergency remedies or backup plans to use in cases of mechanical trouble. From knowing how to reach towing services to having a friend with a being able to make emergency repairs by the side of the road, having a �plan B� can make everyday riding a lot more secure. Each issue will cover a different aspect of everyday preparedness here.

Flat Tires
It is not too difficult to fix a tire on the side of the road but it can take an hour (or more)of dirty, sweaty work if you do not have much practice. To be able to do so, you must carry a flat repair kit. You should have one with both plugs and patches so you can fix innertubes or tubeless tires. You will also need to have an airpump, some CO2 inflators, an aerosol emergency inflation can or all three. You will need to know how to break the bead on tubeless tires, and how to use tire irons and patch materials. If you do not regularly change your own tires at home, you may not want to try it for the first time on the side of the road... but if you do, be sure to move yourself and your bike completely clear of the traffic stream. This type of emergency repair is especially risky on the side of busy limited access highways. (It�s not as dangerous to fix a tire on the sides of residential streets and rural highways.) All of the tools, patches,spare tube, etc... can be carried in a small bag (made of strong leather or cordura nylon) tied to the rear fender behind the saddle, carried in saddle bags/fairing pockets, or attached to your bike�s frame. Protect the inner tube from abrasion damage. Re-inspect the contents of the kit at least once a year. (If a can of tire-inflate aerosol gets a vibration caused pinhole, it will make you think your bike is on fire as a giant, thick cloud of white smoke issues violently from the container.) Specific techniques for wheel and tire removal may be covered in your bike�s owners manual. You can also find additional specific tire repair information on the internet, and in guidebooks and magazines about motorcycling. If you�d like to write a detailed �how to� for changing tires, please contact us. It could become available as a brochure/guide in the RideTo Work library.
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