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I'm spoiled.. I live in NE PA, & my commute is 48 miles each way, through The Delaware State Forest & several designated State Game Lands.. the only "traffic control device" between my home & my work is a sign that says "Hunt Safely"... I can take the "long way home" which takes me through the Promised Land State Park, "Sky Top" & "Lords Valley".. During the riding season I typically run into some other riders that have ridden for days just to get where I ride every day, & when I tell them this is my daily commute, some don't believe me! From Marshall's Creek PA to Route 6, I take State Road 402, newly paved 2 lane black top where the only "turkeys" I deal with don't have drivers licenses..In the morning there are absolutely NO other vehicles, and some days it can be a bit frightening, it's is very remote, & there are no places to warm up, or use a phone, nothing..

It's all quite worth the "risk", compared to some commutes, mine is made to order for a cruiser! I have fitted 2 sets of very powerful air horns, & I can focus nearly all my attention on the forest, I see dozens of deer daily & the real treat is the occasional Black Bear, some males, & the mom & cub groups.. it's too good to be real, but for me it is.. Every day is great, 10 degrees was my coldest AM run, & it makes going to work almost worth it!!

- Geoffrey