Today Is My First


I picked up my bike on Saturday. I had just recently passed my certification test, so I was anxious to ride. After a weekend of family abandonment in order to "practice" It was Monday morning and time for my ride. I had already driven in many times. 14.5 miles around the lake and up the creek. It would be all back roads. I am not a freeway person. The temperature was 42 degrees, chilly for many, but invigorating for us Minnesotans. What a joy! No issues, just 14.5 miles of me, trying to look cool, with this shit-eating grin on my face. OK, one issue. I am here and I am ready to leave. I love my job, but I can't wait for my ride home. I can't believe I waited almost 40 years to do this.


I'm convinced

O.K., you just convinced me to do it. I have been mulling it over for more than a year but now the gas prices are reigniting my interest in 100mpg scootering to work. I want one of those grins too. Thanks EB