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Ride to Work News and Updates

Press Release: for immediate publication
Date: 3/21/03
Subject: 2003 Ride to Work News and Updates

New Ride to Work Pass-Along Cards: New wallet sized 'pass-along' cards help
riders provide information about Ride To Work Day. The card usefully lists
reasons for riding to work, and presents the mission of the Ride To Work
program: �To support the use of motorcycles for transportation and to
provide information about transportation riding to the public.� Each card

2002 RTW Day Public Service Announcement

Ride to Work Day Public Service Announcements:

Ride to Work Day provides an opportunity to raise public awareness about motorcycling, not only by riding your motorcycle to work, but by submitting Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to your local radio and newspaper offices about the event. Below is a sample Ride-to-Work PSA. All you need to do is change the contact information and any verbiage you don't like and submit it. The more riders who submit this PSA, the better the chances are that it will be aired. Lists of all radio, tv and newspapers in your area are available on the internet and in telephone directories.

New Ride To Work Press Release

For Immediate Release
Date: July 10, 2001
Subject: 10th Annual Motorcycle Ride to Work Day

The 10th annual nationwide "Ride to Work Day" will take place on Wednesday, July 18th. Several million motorcyclists are expected to commute on their bikes to help demonstrate:

A) That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life.
B) That motorcyclists can reduce traffic congestion in large cities.
C) That motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation.
D) That motorcycling is a social good.

This year's event has been endorsed by many rider organizations including the American Motorcyclist Association, the Motorcycle Rider's Federation, Harley Davidson owner clubs, BMW owner clubs, Honda owner clubs, etc...and also has been recognized and supported by special interest publications like Cycle World, Motorcycle Consumer News, and others.

"Today there are over two hundred and twenty million cars and light trucks crowding our roads. If more motorcycles become a regular part of the transportation mix, it will make urban parking easier and traffic will flow better. Only a small percentage of the six million registered bikes are currently being used for utility and commuting purposes. Motorcycles are efficient, clean, save energy and reduce infrastructure wear. Riders usually arrive at their destinations more invigorated and refreshed than is possible with other modes of travel. In advanced countries like Japan, Germany, and England, motorcycling for transportation is widely appreciated as a social good. Motorcycles may seem excessively risky but actually they are statistically similar to all automobiles...on an injury per mile basis...when behavioral and sociological risk factors are accounted for. Being fully seen by other road users, as riders are, is non-threatening and helps reduce road rage incidents. Riding is good for everyone." says Andy Goldfine, organizer of Ride to Work Day.

New Ride To Work Advertising

Press Release: For immediate publication
Date: 02/02/01
Subject: 2001 Ride To Work Day Ad Sets

New Ride To Work Advocacy Program

Press Release: For immediate publication
Date: 09/06/00
Subject: 2001 Ride To Work Day Awareness Program

Ride To Work

Ride To Work
July 20, 2000

To: Motorcycle Industry Associates
Subject: Ride to Work

Ride to Work Day has long received grass-roots support, but now it has the potential to become one of motorcycling's most influential and popular programs. Your help can make this happen. Ride To Work was recently formed to promote Ride to Work Day. You can help make next year's tenth annual Ride to Work Day a positive, signature event for motorcycling.