Very Strange

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It was the morning commute, approaching the toll plaza of the Bay Bridge heading to San Francisco. The approach was completely backed up and the cars were moving at a snails pace. I was carefully splitting between two lanes. Looking ahead I noticed a six wheeled pick-up, it was blue. I saw that the driver and the passenger were looking at me and sure enough the driver blocked my path. There was a fellow rider behind me. Thankfully the driver to my right moved to the right to give us some room. When I approached the passenger side window the guy rolled down his window and flashing a badge, told me to get behind him and that what I was doing was illegal. I told him that what I was doing was legal. As I was saying this he reached behind him. I was spooked and was not too sure what he was going to pull out next so I just took off. Very strange!

And you're sure he didn't

And you're sure he didn't get the badge out of a crackerjack box?

I've had people flash badges

I've had people flash badges at me while clearly a professional/infrastructure worker being very odd here in and around SF within traffic. Both times for me, the drivers were bullish and dangerous.