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Weird Fanatic

After taking a leisurely weekend drive i was slabbing it home. I noticed an old white pickup truck barrelling down on me, so I changed lanes to the right. He changed behind me. Thinking that the truck was trying to exit the freeway, I changed back to the left. He changed with me and kept getting closer. I sped up, slowed down, changed lanes and this truck stayed behind me for about 12 miles of freeway. I finally came to my exit and he followed me - very closely. As I came to the light at the bottom of the offramp he quickly pulled up alongside me, rolled down his window and yelled "is that a roadstar? that bike is hot!".

While I appreciate the compliment, there are better ways, and it's a vstar, not a roadie ...

- Joker

too bad

he also has bad taste, Vstar or Roadstar, poor choice in motorcycles.

If it only has 2 wheels its

If it only has 2 wheels its good taste.

differnt styles for differnt people.
if we all rode the same bike it would be a boring world.
I have learned don't knock someone's bike.

I ride a BMW I like the boxer motor, some people don't, my ride my choice

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Your ride your choice . . .

Good point!
I really tired of people putting down other people's rides.

I was out riding one day and stopped for gas. As I was starting to leave the pump a group of motorcycles were pulling up to the pumps opposite me and I noticed they had come in from a road in a direction I had never checked out. I turned around and pulled up to the first bike at the pump and introduced myself and asked the guy on his bike what was down the road he just come in from. He was very pleasant and started to tell me where they had been when I saw his expression change as he focus on the "Honda" name plate on the side of my bike. He stopped talking and just turned the other way looking off into the distance. I turned to the next biker, his wife or girl friend I guess, as she saw my look of dis belief. "Sorry" she said, "He's a Harley snob." She smiled and proceeded to take over the conversation where he left off about the road and what they had seen. He totally ignored us the whole time. I thanked her and went on my way.

Similar experiences at fundraiser rides too. Some are fine until they find my bike is not a Harley. Don't get me wrong, I also have lots of friends with Harleys that don't act that way but have meet to many that do. Whats up with that? Is the brand a cult to some people or something?

I really don't care what people ride as long as they ride.
I really enjoy learning about other bikes too! The more kinds the better.

Ride on!

hardly able, son.

harley-davidson sucks. they build the XR1200 and its not even coming to the USA. i bet the french will have tons of them.