Well worth the ride home...


Another trip home from work on my Fatboy... I started my trek home from work. Met with a partner (Ray), I occasional run into on my trip home. We were traveling down the street when a New Toyota Solora passes us in the rt lane and proceeds to change lanes into ours without signaling. The woman driving, I dont think gave it a 2nd thought. We then changed lanes to the rt lane to get away from the woman, when she comes upon slower traffic and again changes lanes into ours without signaling. This happens about 2-3 more times. At the next light, we end up beside this woman who has her drivers window down. I said: "excuse me" she said "Yes", I said "nice car", she responded "Thank you", I asked "were turn signals optional on that car" she responded, "why?", I said "because you have NOT used them everytime you decided to cut us off in our lane", startled, she said.. YOU'RE RUDE, I said," and your an F**kin bitch" ,she then rolled up her window, flipped me the bird & while looking at us, stepped on the gas and drove her New Toyota in the back of the car in front of her at the light. The light then changed and my partner and I rode off. 3/4 of a mile down the road, my partner signals me to pull over which we did. He gets off his Hog and is laughing so hard he couldn't ride any further. A moment later, a PD officer pulls up behind us and get out of his car to ask if there is a problem. I stated, "No Sir" he then asked if my partner had a problem, I said, "not that I knew of". The officer then said, "theres a lady back at that light that said you 2 caused her to get into an accident". By now my partner is laughing even harder and I proceeded to tell the officer what had transpired before that. He then went to talk to my partner (Ray) who couldn't hardly get the story out without belly laughing. The officer got our info and told us that the woman was ok but pissed(with a chuckle) and then left back to where the lady was. We then rode off after laughing our asses off and later divided on our own ways laughing all the way home. Just the look on that womans face and the laughter my partner was letting off, was well worth the ride home. I got home, parked the Fatboy... and laughed my ass off for what seemed like hours... "Big D"

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